Lloyds Banking Group staff are represented by an independent trade union committed to protecting their interests and their interests alone. LTU is not affiliated to the TUC or any political party and we are free to determine and pursue the best policies for Lloyds Banking Group staff.

LTU represents members in Lloyds, Scottish Widows, Halifax, BOS and the other companies within the Lloyds Banking Group.


£20Bn Case Goes To High Court

23 May 2017

The Union’s landmark legal case on the equalisation of Guaranteed Minimum Pensions (GMPs) has now been lodged with the High Court. Members will recall that the Bank, LTU and the Lloyds Banking Group Pensions Trustee Limited are bringing the case jointly.

Three representatives of the Lloyds Bank Pension Scheme No 1, Lloyds Bank Pension Scheme No 2 and HBOS Final Salary Pension Scheme have been joined to the proceedings to argue the case that benefits must be equalised on the basis most favourable to members. LTU’s solicitors and barristers are representing the three representative members in this case.

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