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We understand that some members find it difficult to talk to us whilst they are at work so advice is always available 24 hours a day. LTU is the only union in the country providing professional individual advice from full time officials to its members 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. And of course the service is completely confidential.

LTU's Advice Team are all experienced trade union officials, but with a unique understanding of the issues Lloyds group staff face. Most worked for the Bank before leaving to join the Union. They know the problems members face on a daily basis and the difficulties people can encounter in making their voices heard in a large organisation. They’re there to advise you on any matter that could affect your work and they will be sympathetic and understanding, whatever your problem.

Like all LTU Officials, the Advice Team are employed and paid by the Union. We don’t employ officials seconded from the Bank because we believe our members want to work with representatives who have no conflicts of interest, can’t be pressurised and whose only priority is assisting them.

Among the issues the Advice Team deal with frequently are:

  • Job Security
  • Changes in working hours
  • Employment rights
  • Mobility
  • Overtime
  • Sales pressures
  • Voluntary early retirement and redundancy
  • Performance Appraisal / Performance Management
  • Performance Improvement Policy issues