Joint Review Revolutionises Pay System07 January
Balanced Scorecards Reviews06 January
Unnecessary Brinkmanship05 January
Pay Decision Meetings 200924 February
LTU See 150% Rise In Individual Cases23 February
Pay Decision Meetings 200918 February
Frosty Reception for Some Snowbound Staff09 February
Up To 385 Roles To Go In Wave 3 of Integration02 February
Shameless Opportunism27 March
Bank In Breach of Job Security Policy24 March
Bank Reduces Bonuses Again17 March
Direct Banking’s New Lifestyles Work Patterns10 March
Staff Fury on Bonus Restrictions10 March
Final Salary Pensions Under Threat?27 April
Don’t Be Fobbed Off!09 April
Bank Supports LTU's Loans for Bonuses Campaign03 April
Direct Channels:
Reorganisation & Redundancies
21 May
LTU & Bank Agree
Bonus Deferral Arrangements
19 May
Wholesale Integration:
Reorganisation & Redundancies
19 May
Day 100 : 09.0011 May
7,500 Job Losses & Bank
Still Committed to Offshoring Strategy
30 June
Bank Announces 2,113 More Job Losses30 June
Bank Announces Major Commercial
& Corporate Banking Reorganisation
30 June
PPI Policies & Voluntary Redundancy26 June
C&G Branch Network To Close09 June
Wave 4 & Beyond Selection Process Agreed03 June
Retail Bank: Reorganisation & Redundancies03 June
Scotland: Reorganisation & Redundancies29 July
Election Of Pension Fund Trustees22 July
Pensions - Staff Would Lose £4 Billion In Benefits17 July
Bank Announces 294 Job
Reductions in Life & Pensions
16 July
Collections & Recoveries to
Exit Two Sites and Cut 275 Jobs
16 July
Bank Announces 659 IT Job
Losses from HBOS-LTSB Integration
16 July
Disciplinary Mania In LBG27 August
C&G to Halt Branch Closures19 August
Commercial Banking Selection Outcomes11 August
Your Rating Could Determine Your Future03 August
Vote For Glithero & Jackson Today03 August
Corporate Wealth Planning
Reorganisation & Redundancies
15 September
LTU Demands Bank Publish
Terms & Conditions Offer
19 October
Bank to Close Brighton Call Centre30 November
Brighton Contact Centre to Close30 November
Bank Launches Contact Centre
Closure Programme
30 November
Group Refuse to Publish
Terms & Conditions Offer
23 November
Bank Announces 4,960
More Job Losses For 2010
10 November
LBG Investigated by Border Agency09 November
Bank Restructuring Plans,
New Bonus Rules & Pensions
103 November
LTU Produces T&C Impact Analysis19 December
LTU Rejects New Terms & Conditions03 December