Commercial Banking Forced Into Line27 January
Reduced Hours Staff15 January
Commercial - One Bank One Bonus14 January
Terms & Conditions Cuts for Staff14 January
One Bank - Two Bonus Pots14 January
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!11 January
Managers React Angrily to T&C’s 11 January
Just Say No! 06 January
LTU Members Reject Terms & Conditions19 February
Pay 2010 & New Salary Scales01 February
Pensions and Terms & Conditions24 March
GEC Ignore Staff on Pensions18 March
Unite Prepares to Sell Staff
Down the River on Pensions
12 March
T&C Negotiations09 March
Does the 2% Pensions Cap Fit?26 April
New T&Cs - Still Not Good Enough26 May
Staff Anger at Pension Scandal10 May
Bank Announces 1,850
More Job Losses
30 June
LTSB PIP Scheme Members Worse Off11 June
The Working Window Timebomb11 June
London Staff Worse off with T&Cs 11 June
Reduced Hours Staff Threatened by T&Cs 11 June
Terms & Conditions Cuts for Managers 11 June
Pensions Slashed for Everyone 11 June
T&C Negotiations Continue at ACAS30 July
Bank to Withdraw from PPI Market23 July
ACAS - The Facts31 August
No Agreement at ACAS26 August
Staff Resist Bank Blackmail Threats28 September
Unite Representatives Given Time Off
to ‘Sell’ New Contracts For The Bank
28 September
New Name for Lloyds TSB Group Union24 September
Your Contract of Employment – LTU Advice20 September
Say No to Blackmail & Bullying in LBG15 September
Unite Members Deserve Better07 September
Bank Bribe Staff to Sign New Contracts07 September
T&Cs - Sell Out02 September
Staff Say No to Contracts20 October
Bank Announces 4,600 More Job
Losses in Group IT & Operations
13 October
Bank Panicking Over Contracts10 October
Bank Admits - Staff Not Signing04 October
Phase 2 Terms & Conditions29 November
Completing Your YP Scorecard - LTU Advice08 November
Danger Clause IV04 November
Bank Abandons Pay Guarantees16 December
Pay Discrimination In Lloyds Banking Group?15 December