Bank Disposing of Further 1,392 Roles
In Latest Wave of Redundancies
28 January
É a sua vez Antonio!22 January
Yes, They did it!18 January
To Him That Hath, More Shall Be Given06 January
Does the Bonus Cap Fit in LBG?28 February
Occam’s Razor & League Tables?13 February
What About Equal Pay Alison?10 February
Nearly 1/3rd of Staff to Get Salary
Increases of Less than 1%
04 February
What About Equal Pay Antonio?04 February
LTU’s Industrial Action Ballot31 March
New Announcement Brings to Over
2,000 Job Losses this Year Already
26 March
Two Pensions for AHO £568,000 + £732,00020 March
£17K Per Week for Antonio; £17 For You12 March
Bank Accused of Breathtaking Hypocrisy10 March
Equal Pay In LBG15 April
Targets & Behaviours09 April
LTU’s Industrial Action Ballot23 May
"It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done”15 May
“It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done”14 May
Completing your YP Scorecard - LTU Advice13 May
The Iron Law of Targets26 June
Return To Sender24 June
Pay Progression: Not In This Lifetime04 June
Severance Terms Extended Until 201615 July
Retail Banking Now09 July
Group Finance Announces Further Major Reorganisation09 July
Discrimination Against Term Time Staff?04 July
Let the Spoils be Divided01 July
Publish and be Damned26 August
Ballot Letters21 August
Members' Statement12 August
H1 Performance Ratings - LTU Advice11 August
Death of a Salespoint26 September
Union Launches 800 Equal Pay Cases11 September
9,000 More Jobs Axed from Group28 October
Equal Pay, “Karma” & Egg-Freezing24 October
Telephone Banking In Crisis?24 October
“We Will Not Give Up, We Will Persevere Until the End”15 October
Analog Banking In A Digital World?09 October
Pay 2015 & The Missing Millions26 November
IRHP Disciplinary Cases25 November
Bank Fired Lloyds Staff By DVD21 November
Lies, Damned Lies and 9,000 Job Losses?19 November
Industrial Action Ballot Result18 November
Independent Scrutineers' Report of Voting18 November
1210 Staff Thrown on the Scrapheap13 November
Pensions Bonanza For Antonio?10 November
IRHP Disciplinary Cases22 December
Callous Mistreatment of Commercial Banking18 December
Victory for 10,000 Members05 December
Industrial Action Ballot Result05 December