Lloyds Banking Group staff are represented by an independent trade union committed to protecting their interests and their interests alone. LTU is not affiliated to the TUC or any political party and we are free to determine and pursue the best policies for Lloyds Banking Group staff.

LTU represents members in Lloyds, Scottish Widows, Halifax, BOS and the other companies within the Lloyds Banking Group.


Entrapment Of LBG Staff

10 Jan 2018

Is entrapment in the workplace – which may involve inciting, inducing, inveigling or luring members of staff to commit a potentially disciplinary offence - ever justifiable? We think in the case of phishing emails it could be the thin end of a very big wedge, especially when the Bank is seeking to move from educating to punishing staff more quickly than was previously the case. If nothing else, the ethical issues surrounding enatrapment are worthy of debate but it seems the two Bank approved Unions – Accord and Unite – have signed up to the new policy without saying anything about it at all. That’s assuming they were made aware of the changes to the policy in the first place.

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